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League PVP clan KatDiablo.

Post Fri May 10, 2013 8:03 am
katmpb Site Admin

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I invite everyone to league clan - KatDiablo - 1v1 PVP.
Apply to join the league and start competing for gold.

Registration takes place all the time.
Players who win the first 15 wins receive the award.

Please always contact KatMPB#2208

Prize pool: 360kk Gold
1st place - 300kk Gold
2nd place - 30kk Gold
3rd place - 20kk Gold
4th place - 15kk Gold

Present players:
KatMPB#2208 - BARB - RANGA: Założyciel;
KatXavier#2504 - MONK - RANGA: Morderczy Kat;
KatMały#2421 - BARB - RANGA: Morderczy Kat;
KatDarkQub#2701 - WD - RANGA: Bezlitosny Kat; - HardCore 75 Paragon;
KatWM66#2140 - WIZZ - RANGA: Bezlitosny Kat;
KatLykuqq#2834 - BARB - RANGA: Bezlitosny Kat;
KatZeus#2973 - BARB - RANGA: Bezlitosny Kat;
Varion#2451 - BARB;
Akatsuki#2716 - WD;
ILikeH3#2356 - Monk;
rasa#2618 - MONK;
Lordsimon#2827 - BARB, WD;
asjazda3#2134 - BARB;
Storm#2577 - Wizz;

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1. 1kkk GOLD

2. 500kk GOLD

3. 300kk GOLD

4. 200kk GOLD